Our Equipment

A good photographer can make a quality print from something as basic as a pinhole camera. A pinhole camera made from cardboard and a single sheet of undeveloped photo paper... But things get exponentially easier to work with as we enhance our toolkit.

I am a firm believer of having the right tool for the job, and as such we have nothing but quality glass to offer the sharpest details in our photographs.

Gear used for photo shoots

  • Nikon D810 36MP FX body
  • Sigma 20/1.4 ART
  • AF-s 50/1.8 Nikkor
  • AF-s 70-200/2.8 Nikkor
  • AF-d 200/4 micro-Nikkor
  • x2 sb910 Speedlights
  • studio light setup with backgrounds
  • various reflectors and light modifiers
  • Stands to hold it all where it needs to be

We run a Mac for all our photo and video editing. Come by the studio and see your digital file results in 5K!